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Shark Group is a network of four companies that operates as a true end-to-end business partner, reducing the barrier to entry in product design and enabling brands worldwide to tap into fresh opportunities.

Now it’s easier than ever for businesses to gain the support they need, all in one place. We help you to move quickly, and become more effective at delivery.

Shark Group supports existing clients of Shark Design with early stage financing, cross-border shipping and logistics solutions (using blockchain and embedded digitized documents), and NFT marketing campaigns to breathe life into new product launches.

Why Now?

Organizational silos can obstruct your team and organization from reaching its full potential. 

Industry leaders agree that the old world view of product telling engineering what to do isn’t going to deliver the world class products of the future. 

Instead, Shark Group proposes to change how we work. 

Craft your vision and requirements from the very beginning, using a single outfit that is built to execute more effectively. 

Shark Group challenges companies to approach business in new and different ways,  reimagining the status quo.

Full Service Product Development Company

Shark Design helps you to get your product design right at the first time of asking. As a full-service product design agency based in Hong Kong and the USA (with a manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China), the company provides creative end-to-end solutions for every aspect of product design and development. 

To achieve this, Shark Design draws on the very best category experts in engineering and industrial design, product development, rapid prototyping, UX/UI design, branding, strategy, manufacturing, and more. Its award-winning expertise is trusted by startups, small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs), and established international brands.

Unlike other designers, the Shark Design team creates products with mechanical and industrial engineering best practices in mind. They produce a highly functional first draft, meaning that fewer revisions are needed further down the line. 

The agency’s well-honed design optimization services ensure that your product clicks with the target audience. 

Shark Design helps you scale up quickly. In-house manufacturing helps you keep to rigorous lead times and satisfy the highest quality standards.

In this way, you save valuable time and resources when bringing your product to market. 


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Intellectual Property


Pre-Order Launch Campaigns

Physical + Digital NFT Products

Shark Digital helps you get prepared for the Metaverse and Web3, the emerging virtual world where people play games, shop, work, and interact online.

This agency handles the development of NFT (non-fungible token)-based campaigns for brands and startups, helping them strengthen their brand identity and capitalize on long-term community value as the Metaverse continues to evolve.

NFTs are tradeable, one-of-a-kind tokens stored on a blockchain. They can be anything digital — including artwork, stickers, and trading cards — but they hold much more information than a simple coin.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Shark Digital’s NFT campaigns generate publicity around the physical products that have been manufactured for clients. 

Not only do enthusiasts receive a digital token, but they also have the advertised item delivered straight to their front door.

Shark Design handles product development and manufacturing. Shark Digital takes care of NFT development, which means Metaverse enterprise solutions, wearable avatars, digital objects in AR, royalty payment systems, and other innovative Metaverse projects to promote your company.

Shark Digital can also help to enhance your product range with a customized, scalable storefront. 

More Than Just a Freight Company

With Shark Ship, you book your shipment online and keep up-to-date on its progress (by sea, railway, or plane) using an advanced tracking system.

Exhaustively long email chains are a relic of the past. Now, manufacturers and distributors are just a few clicks away from exporting their goods. The Shark Ship service also takes the headache out of customs clearance and other formalities.

Shark Ship securely stores all relevant shipping documents (including booking confirmations and commercial invoices) on the platform. Clients can access these at any time from their preferred device.

The company’s shipping network also covers more than 300 ports. By streamlining what used to be a confusing process, it aims to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) expand into regions that were previously out of reach. 

Shark Ship’s operations will soon be integrated with the blockchain, enabling the generation of smart contracts and embedded digitized documents. The correct application of digital solutions for logistics is the key to maximizing transparency and efficiency.

Funding the future

Operating out of headquarters in Dubai with a fund size of $50m for the first year, Shark Investments provides the missing link for entrepreneurs and startups worldwide. 

The company offers a range of early-stage financing options to Shark Design’s existing clients. After all, growing businesses need accessible ways to develop and refine their prototypes, complete with tooling and manufacturing, at a reasonable cost. 

For those exceptional early-stage companies that choose to work with Shark Design from the beginning, Shark Investments provides funding and expertise to launch brands to the mass market. 

As the company draws upon a highly specialized network of experts, seed mentors, and investors, this can be achieved without access to major retailers like Walmart or Target.

Investments are by share exchange (our minimum investment is $250,000) or via license agreements, where we take ownership of the patent and pay royalties. 

Shark Investments help you attract paying customers, become investor-ready, complete a follow-on financing round, and much more. 
The company’s operations will shortly be integrated with the blockchain, enabling clients to conduct transactions using cryptocurrency, as well as generating smart contracts.

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